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My Nutritional Needs offers various expertise services to enhance the wellbeing of the society.

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1. Wellness Nutrition

Nutrition is important for everyone. You don’t have to be sick to visit a doctor; rather you can prevent sickness by being healthy. This includes understanding your body composition and the subsequent nutrient requirements. Your individual requirement will be translated into nutritional prescription for a healthy body and a cheerful mind.

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2. Medical Nutrition Therapy

This is a therapeutic approach to treat a medical condition. It requires the use of specifically tailored diet, devised and monitored by Expert Registered Dieticians. This is a therapy based on Evidence Based Practice followed by expert nutritionists throughout the world.

The diet is determined after studying patient’s medical as well as dietary history, and thenutritional screening.

3. Weight Management

It is not an overnight game!

The basic principle in weight management is to understand one’s energy requirement, work on basal metabolic rate for the long term eating habits and design a diet to address the nutritional requirements with a proper balance of energy intake and expenditure.

To lose weight, you need to have a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine, based on to your height, weight, age and gender. We devise the most suitable weight management solution that includes a change in youreating habits and lifestyle, in order to avoid any drastic physiological change to your physiology.

Is your weight ideal according to the BMI scale? Check out your Body Mass Index (BMI)

4. Corporate Nutrition Program

Organizations that take responsibility for their employee’s health are able to enhance the workplace productivity by reducing accidents and absenteeism. The mission of this program is to optimize the health potential of your employees.

This program aims to bring about sustainable change and provide equal access to healthy lifestyle options for all the individuals.Canteen menu evaluation, health awareness talk for employees, food production staff and implementation of healthy nutrition practices will be carried in this program.

We hope the micro-level changes suggested through this programme will impact to the company environment in a positive way and enable them to achieve larger collective goals.

5. School Nutrition Program

Healthy children of today are the healthy adults of tomorrow. Healthy eating patterns in childhood and adolescence, promote optimal childhood health, growth and intellectual development. They prove effective in preventing immediate health problems like iron deficiency anaemia, obesity, eating disorder and dental caries. In addition they also prevent the occurrence of long term health problems, such as coronary heart disease and metabolic disorders among others.

This program summarizes strategies aimed at promoting healthy eating among school-age youth and provides nutrition education guidelines for a comprehensive school health program. The programme includes a comprehensive analysis of the School Kitchen, nutritional analysis of the menu served to students, conducting nutritional awareness program for the parents, pupils, and the school staff.

6. On-Line Consultation

Technology has made world a very close network. We would like to extend the same technology applications to all our patients and clients. On-line consultation on normal and therapeutic diets, weight management etc. will be given by the experts in this field to the clients, based on their nutritional screening and medical history. This would be primarily done through our website.We are also planning to leverage the advanced communication applications like Skype for a real-time, one-to-one consultation.

For On-Line consultation, see My Nutri-Talk.

7. Hospital Dietetic Department Set-Up

Every hospital requires a dietetic department, established as per the quality standards and strictly adhering to the best practices in clinical kitchen set up.

Our experts provide specialized services in this area, based on 15 years of field experience. Our expertise includes Liquid section, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, Diets for ICU and the identification and set up of specialised diets.

8. Sports Nutrition Services

Every sport requires a specific nutrition requirement as per their nature and person's physical attributes. We aim to give a nutrition support to the body,in order to take care of its present need and enhance the endurance as well as performance. Our expertise in this area includesconducting nutrition awareness sessions at the sports institutes, one-to-one consultation and need of supplement, training in Sports Nutrition and right use of supplements in the Gym and Health clubs.

9. RD Examination - Syllabus Revision

We conduct Revision classes for the PG students appearing for the RD exam ,every year ,at My Nutritional Needs.Mrs.Ambika Nair had topped RD in 2008 and Since then helped 22 students clear the RD exam with her academic guidance ,and refreshing them with the Syllabus related to RD.

See My Nutri-School for more details.

10. Academics

Mrs.Ambika Nair is a passionate teacher and has held post as faculty in Various institutes in Pune such as School of Health Sciences, University of Pune,SNDT college ,Pune and DES College of Nursing,Fergusson Pune.
She has given guest lectures in various Private institutes.


My Nutri-School for more details.

11. My Life-Coach

(Alternative Therapies)

Mrs. Ambika Nair is specialised in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Reiki, Crystal Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Level 3, and Inner child Matrix Reimprinting, BFT (Bach Flower Therapy), REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and has so far treated and counselled more than 300 clients with various Psychological issues, Relationship conflicts, Marital Counselling, Behavioural Issues and Spiritual Counselling ,using her counselling and problem solving skills.

See My Life-Coach page for more details.


Our Services

  • Wellness Nutrition
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Weight Management
  • Corporate Nutrition Program
  • School Nutrition Program
  • On-Line Consultation
  • Hospital Dietetic Department Set-Up
  • Sports Nutrition Services
  • RD Examination Syllabus Revision
  • Academics
  • Alternative Therapies