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"To eat is Necessity But to eat intelligently is an Art" – La Rouchfoucald

It holds true in even in today's world. In today's internet age, there is plenty of information regarding the best diet programmes, available on the click of the mouse. Yet having information about food and its nutrition is not sufficient, as it is very difficult and confusing to pick up the right options from varied choices. The food supplements beneficial to one may not be suitable for the other.

Need of online consultation in the digital age

There is increasing awareness of food habits among the populace. Yet one must have a basic knowledge regarding the dietary requirement and right food. That will help you to plan out your daily diet schedule.

However in today's fast life and busy schedule it is not possible to visit a professional dietician and nutritionist at a regular basis. At such juncture, an on-line consultation will help you with the knowledge and tips about the health and wellness with right nutrition.


My Nutritional Needs offers the following plans, to help you customize your dietary plans, based on your dietary requirement.

  • Get Healthy: Therapeutic Diet Counselling
  • Rate Your Health: BMI Calculator, Obesity Degree, E-Nutritional Screening, Activity Diary
  • Personalized Diet plan: Customized diet plan for 24x7,Normal Balanced Diet for all age groups
  • Sports Nutrition Package: For Gym Goers, Athletes, and Sports Professionals. Benefits: Better Health, Nutritive Productivity & Lower Medical Cost.
  • And also: Weight loss programmes, Weight gain programmes, Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Feeding etc.

Procedure for On-line Consultation

We would request you to kindly follow the following instructions before we initiate our On-Line Consultations. As a pre-requisite, you need to register at My Nutritional Needs. Registration is free! Register today!

Fill the Health Assessment Questionnaire send to you via email. Complete the form in detail and email us at

  • 1. Select the your option from the following:
    a. Online consultation
    b. Skype consultation
    c. Telephonic consultation
  • 2. Fill-in the Payment details:
    Payment can be made through online transfer, cheque or sent physically by cash. Once you send the request we will get back to you with details. You can also reach us through any of the following means:
    a. Call us at: Mobile 9011256500
    b. E-mail us at:
  • 3. Receive the Diet Chart:
    You will receive the diet chart within 5 working days after receipt of payment.

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Our Services

  • Wellness Nutrition
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Weight Management
  • Corporate Nutrition Program
  • School Nutrition Program
  • On-Line Consultation
  • Hospital Dietetic Department Set-Up
  • Sports Nutrition Services
  • RD Examination Syllabus Revision
  • Academics
  • Alternative Therapies