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Our stressful and high-speed life has made us paythe yearly ransom for disease care. We should rather invest that money in preventive health care. The key to a good health is the right lifestyle, good food habits, authentic information and a holistic approach towards complete health.

How do you define Health? Is it just a jargon used by food manufacturers and health professionals? WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as "the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity". When it comes to health and wellness, the one aspect you just cannot ignore is nutrition. The body is a temple and nutrition is the way of offering your prayers.

Yet our changing lifestyle, increasing pressures and the flood of information brought by the internet has led to a lot of confusion as far as healthy eating habits are concerned. Especially if you are a frequent internet user, it is a challenging task to differentiate authentic information from the hearsay. Health has now been misidentified with words like ‘Zero’ figure, developing muscles in a shorter time, fad diets and dieting – cutting carbs, high protein, fasting etc. As a result the concept of healthy eating has lost its way amidst fad diets.

It’s the time to take the first step towards a healthy life. It is the moment of making those small-yet-meaningful changes in the diet quality, physical activity pattern, stress handling capacity and sleep quality. In other words a powerful health promotion is something that you need to change your life.

Ask yourself a question and give an honest answer. “Am I healthy? How do I know if I am healthy?” We can help with that knowledge. If you think you are not healthy, ask yourself “What am I doing about it? Nothing? Then what will happen in the long run?”

Yes, it is a tricky question, but you need not feel lost. Rely on My Nutritional Needs, your trusted adviser for a healthy life, to know your health quotient in the simplest and authentic way.

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B. Health Assessment Questionnaire

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